Our projects

In October 2008, transportation of bulky goods was carried out. Below are the details of the cargo “Installation of complex gas treatment at Kumkol M / m”: Weight: 48 tons Dimensions: 24 x 3.6 x 3.5 (m) Route: CBW LLP MLK in Kyzylorda – Kumkol field Quantity: 8 units Scope of work: Acceptance of platforms on own terminal unloading / loading linkage storage transportation from Kyzylorda – Kumkol field

Since March 2009, we have been cooperating with companies supplying hydrogen peroxide in 20-foot tank containers, weighing 30 tons gross tonnage (hazard class 5) to companies JSC NAC Kazatomprom.

We carry out the acceptance from the Kyzylorda station, having a special permit for a dead end for the reception of dangerous goods, we carry out unloading of the loading, the temporary storage, the auto transportation to the Tykonur and Kharasan fields, the return of the empty tank containers to the destination station.

In October 2006, the acceptance of compressor equipment from the Kyzylorda station to the address of JV “Kuatamlonmunai”, dimensions of the compressor 11.10 x 4.68 x 3.58 (m), weight 57 795kg. Receiving at the terminal, unloading / loading, temporary storage, transportation to the Konys m / y, as well as mobilization of cranes for unloading at the Konys deposit. All services were provided with own resources without involvement of third parties.

In June 2009, the second compressor came in sizes 11.20 x 4.50 x 3.90 (m), weighing 69 000 kg and similar services were performed.

Since 2008 we have been working on the acceptance and shipment of oversized geophysical special equipment and equipment.