“MAXXima Logistics Kazakhstan” LLP produce composite glass fiber reinforcement, based on the innovative approach and high quality of the products. High-tech materials are used for manufacturing our fittings, due to which, its strength and durability increase.ADVANTAGES OF COMPOSITE FITTINGS:

* STRENGTH * APPLICATION IN WIDE RANGE OF TEMPERATURES This reinforcement is 2.5 times stronger than steel. Steel reinforcement has a strength threshold of 390 MPa, while this figure for fiberglass reinforcement is not less than 1100 MPa.

* MATERIAL EFFICIENCY The density of composite glass reinforced plastic is 4 times less than that of steel reinforcement. When the reinforcement cage is replaced by an evenly-stable one, its weight decreases by more than 10 times.

*STABILITY TO CORROSION The composite fittings are corrosion resistant and have a long service life in all conditions. At low temperatures, it does not lose its properties.

*SUSTAINABILITY TO CHEMICAL EXPOSURE It can be fully used even in sea water without reducing the service life.

*KEEP HEATING Thermal conductivity of composite reinforcement is 100 times lower than that of steel. Therefore, the premises constructed with the use of fiberglass reinforcement are much warmer than those in the construction of which steel analogs were used.

*LONG TERM OF SERVICE Concrete structures reinforced with fiberglass reinforcements last longer. This is due to the fact that the coefficient of thermal expansion of composite reinforcement and concrete is approximately equal, and there are no cracks in temperature gradients in concrete.

*LOW PRICE On average, the cost of fiberglass composite reinforcement is 2 times lower than steel reinforcement.