“MAXXima Logistics Kazakhstan” LLP is engaged in the construction of underground communications by the method of horizontally directed drilling. Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is a high-tech method of producing underground works, which allows for minimizing environmental damage, laying engineering communications inaccessible, during the production of works by the usual open method, places, under road / rail roads and under rivers, under buildings and structures, under embankments and ravines.

We offer all the interested enterprises and organizations their services in the construction and repair of underground communications from polyethylene and metal pipes from 32 mm to 500 mm in diameter at depths of up to 15 meters by the method of horizontal directional drilling. The length of the trenchless underground section can be up to 300 meters.

The HDD method allows to perform works on the laying of engineering communications:

  • Water supply and sanitation networks;
  • Cable networks and cases for them;
  • Gas supply networks;
  • Sections of oil, gas, product pipelines;
  • Drainage systems

with a high speed in comparison with other methods of conducting similar works.

Drilling a test borehole

Borehole extension

Pulling the pipeline

Mantle pipe of various types of pipelines and utilities in urban and field conditions.

Drilling on different types of soil.

Tracking the process (direction, depth) of drilling by means of an independent tracking device.

Range of drilling – from 32mm to 500mm

Drilling distance – up to 300 m (with continuous drilling process)

Reverse traction force – 13400 kg

“Cruise control” of the drilling process.

High level of automation of works

Electronic self-diagnosis

You can send an application for the construction of underground communications using the method of horizontally directed drilling.

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fax + 7 (7242) 24-55-97


Cont. person: Kanat 8 701 512 22 33